Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Quest!

A day in time
The seconds count 
The wait unbearable
Uncertain of the end.

A worthy quest of hope 
Highly electrifying 
Fear bond held
Unsure of shock survival.

A veil of transparency
Stillness in trance
Each step deeper
Notable risk it is to be

Many got drowned
Others missed direction
Happiness flow 
When rightly embraced.

Oh dear love
Forever is too short 
to live with you
But today, the grip of fear
too tight to hold onto you
Wait? you can?

So, I got not to wish you happy Valentine but I guess it is still the season of love so, this post is dedicated to all those who waited or are waiting to truely be loved or love someone despite the odds. 

Meanwhile, I LOVE YOU and do have the most fulfilling weekend. Cheers!

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