Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 12

We live in a world, where sex has become the foundation for most relationships today.  The trend is; ‘have sex, get pregnant and get married’. Of course we do know that isn’t God’s intention for his unmarried children Hebrews 13:4 but modernization has set a new pace for the race of life which only those that subject themselves to grace can trace their way out.

The truth is that every man wants sex - A pastor wants pastoral ses, a gentleman wants gentlemanly sex and the non-believers feels is his birthright. And they will readily collect when it is freely given but you must realise sex is never 'an assurance that he will marry you'.

Funnily, women tend to bear the greatest burden if it goes wrong and I am surprised many are yet to be any wiser.  Many women are living with men, waiting for marriage proposal that never comes. Some come, when the children the couple have together are getting married. In Nigeria, amongst the Urhobo’s for instance, a father who hasn’t paid his wife dowry (bride price) cannot go with his son to pay his son's wife dowry or collect his daughter dowry. He will first pay that of his wife.


Whether as a personal preference, or as a religious requirement, there is nothing wrong with preserving the sanctity of sex by waiting until one is married. Yes! one can't deny how mightily difficult this can be, especially with all of the worldly efficacy in material and non-material forms.

Married or not, indulging in eating 'the forbidden fruit' (Proverbs 9:17) brings special pleasure and excitement but don't forget 'being tempted is not a sin but giving in to temptation is the sin'. That's where grace is made sufficient 1 Corinthians 10:3.

Well, I don't understand your definition of modern but if I am to go with my understanding then avoidance of premarital sex is a good way to have a modern marriage. How do I mean: No Sex before the vows? This indicates that after the vows there's something relatively new/fresh to explore as opposed to a remote pass route. Think about it, you sure smart enough  to get the gist.

Basically, show the individual trying to devalue you by pressurising you to have sex before marriage the exist door out of your life. The bottom line is; you are more valueable and deserve better than what this moment of pleasure can offer and if they come quoting 1 Corinthian 7:36 ask them to read from verse 1 and quote Hebrews 13:4. Extract from the book "Single Ladies LifeGuards".


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