Thursday, March 02, 2017

Dear South Africans: Don't let this day come!

Dear South Africans,

The day the monkey resist the appeal of the banana there will be only one eventuality and you sure can figure out what that will be.

Yesterday is gone so you've forgotten on whose shoulders you sat to look down on your oppressors. But do not forget tomorrow is breaking out of the dark and no one knows what's lurking in the dark.

Of course! Skin colour, geographical region or blood doesn't make us brothers but the acceptability of the individuality that makes up the nations of the human race. Hence, after the legality of an adoption, unknown individuals could become parents to a child who might also be unknown to them.

But then I could have asked what do I know? However, I will not because I have come to realise all the aforementioned criteria in the previous paragraph might not make us relatives but does show we are all humans.

Therefore, for all who chose to be inhuman never forget no one is immortal. You might not get a teeth for tart but be sure you will get a bitten from the teeth.

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