Friday, March 03, 2017

Friday Series for the Gentlemen: How you can get to Rejoice over the Choice of 'she' you Decide to call 'your lady'.

Words of Steve Ziza Azuka: Between ignorance and confusion I will always choose ignorance any day! Why? Because I have understood that confusion is an exalted state of ignorance masqueraded as the inability to make a choice!! 

Secondly an ignorant person is usually stable but no confused person is ever stable. 

Thirdly the term ignorance is relative, one can be ignorant in one area but knowledgeable in another. So nobody can be completely free from ignorance. But confusion in one area of a person's life is a catalyst for an uncontrollable chain reaction of confusion in other areas of life. 

There are many more reasons to hate confusion more than ignorance but I don't want to bore you with much reading. What is my end point? As a wise man, I counsell young men to associate with brainy beauties, to avoid ignorant beauties that can't be helped, and must of necessity flee from all confused beauties who are always confused! Hey ladies, Hold it!! Don't crucify me yet!!! My mother is a woman and I am an honourable ladies' man. 

Take it from me, you should also choose your male friends using the principle above. 

Finally there is hope for the confused. If you wish to stay out of confusion, first try to master, that is control your emotions.

Secondly learn to think positively in controlling your circumstances by understanding that whatever is getting you confused is not new. It has happened to people before and they came out of it, so you too can overcome your problem. 

Finally you need to control the emotions of others by assuring them their problems have solutions no matter how bad it looks. Now with the new you,having all forms of confusion eliminated, your emotional stability (self control) becomes your strength, with your positive thinking and right attitude you attain mastery and by mastery you help bring law and order to a chaotic world and rule your environment in peace. 

This is what Jesus did and will also come to do. You too can do the same, but first accept Him (Jesus) today as your personal Lord and saviour. Secondly follow Him whole heartedly (luke 9:62),Lastly, personally study your Bible to confirm whatever you hear (Acts17:10-12).

Accept every thing you hear but it is dangerous to believe them all no matter how big famous and fine a church or her pastor may look.(2corinthians 11:14-15). Take it from me, no matter how philosophical i always sound, I know myself and i know my God, for Jesus is Lord!Peace and love to the world.It is well!!!


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