Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Series: Sex, love and sin.

Three things come into play when it comes to relationship with individuals(opposite sex) and the one they share with God. Now, someone may think why not love before sex? Well, not in this present generation because they have failed to realize love and sex are not equivalent. 

My knowledge as a psychologist in cognizance with my relationship with God taught me that; Sex is basic, philological and instinctual as food is to man. 

Biologically and biblically, procreation (which is after and not before marriage) was the drive for sex until man shifted focus to the satisfaction/pleasure derived from it. Now the love for sexual pleasure has lured/entrapp many in sin and become blinded to the right and wrong of the world we live in today in view of trends.

Hence, one need to

1) Get Set: We've been told "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Too many times, people do not plan to overcome sin because they tell you 'God 's grace' is sufficient. Well, the grace or anointing won't stop you from falling into sin. In fact, you'll be tearing in tongues and still be tearing the clothes off and when you're done continue with tongues issue. If you doubt it ask King David about his encounter with Bathsheba and Uriah her husband in 2 Samuel 11. This is so because the flesh does not recognise you are a christian, hence the need to be spiritually alert and prepared to overcome sin. You must make the conscious effort to resist sin by becoming wise as David in Psalm 119:11 by hidding God's word in your heart to walk in the steps of our Lord Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11. However, grace speak for you when you fall into sin which prompted Apostle Paul to ask "should we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbids!" Romans 6:1-2.

2) Find Rest: Too many times, we try too hard to do it on our own and with the energy of the flesh because many focus on asking for everything except wisdom and strength to walk away from sin. Jesus came to die for our sins and asked us to come unto him with our burden that he may give us rest Matthew 11:28. Find rest from sin by taking it to the Lord in prayer because sin too is a weight, you can't afford to carry.

3) Be the Best: Never stop until the devil becomes afraid to try you because if God be for us, who can be against us? Of course you know the answer is 'no one'. Romans 8:31. Learn to filter what comes in and goes out of your heart, what you look upon and down on. Because what you dwell on will determine the trial that comes your way.


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