Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Dear President; There is need to be prudent.

My Dear President,

I am glad you have returned and your return has unknotted the twist in every statement and social media posts for the past weeks.

However, it saddens me at the state you have returned in and the responsibility you'll have to shoulder in leading the most populous black/Africa nation, Nigeria our dear country. How fit are you to lift this up becomes the bothering question many will/are probably asking. This question will not be to judge your competency but your state of well being.

Elders are usually considered to be wise and knowledgeable and you proved that by not rushing to shoulder your responsibilities immediately. 

When I looked at the various photos flooding the internet I smiled to hold back the sadness flooding my heart because I wasn't just seeing a President of a nation but a father among other ways you are seen by family and others. Here, you are fighting to survive with some people praying you get to win and others to lose. 

Do you suspect there is more to this that meets the eye? Hmm! How can you say even if you do? But being an African man, you might not want to completely rule out that notion.  

The whisper about what ail thee is yet to be loud enough for me to hear or clearly written for me and probably many other Nigerians to read. Yet, I'll have to keep you in my prayers because no one should suffer or deal with pain, especially when it becomes unbearable. And no one should have to watch their loved ones dealing with such either. 

I could imagine you or those that care enough wishing, it is possible to just wish away the pain. Maybe it is possible if you have faith to believe in your wish that should be in the form of prayer.

However, I'll have to remind you and especially your children/family; breaking down/destruction is always easier than building. Hence, healing is a long process which is time demanding because time too they say “heals all wounds”.

So, here I am as a citizen of this nation and a daughter requesting; you give yourself that time to heal and recover. I know you have a responsibility towards us, Nigerians but even if you try, it'll be too enormous for you right now. I may not know much about politics and how the constitution works but I do know, you need to be in good health to preside over any affair.

One more thing, you're privileged to afford the best of health care anywhere in the world but the time. Then, I fear if you can't afford the time to rest for a while, it might become eternally. Because from the photos I have seen so far, you still need time to regain your strength and weight.

Another thing you should remember; you were first a child to your parents before becoming a husband then father and a President. Your life matters more than the position because after you're gone prayerfully years after now, there'll be others presiding over the affairs of this nation.


A daughter who understands a father's pain.

Quick recovery Mr. President!

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