Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Ill trick that Pricks the Stability of Man - 2

Be kind to click here to read the first article on the ill trick.  The vicarious activities of self benefits is gradually leading to the dismissal of unity in the various nations of the world. If I can't get something from it on a personal level it is not meant to be my fight.

Everyone is waiting for someone to voice out those thoughts or words of disagreement, criticism, resistance or acceptance. Just the rat situation of finding "who will bell the cat."

It is not right many complain but fright has robbed them of their voices.

This might not be factual but textual to the present day 'corner mouth' speech of the state of the nation by the citizens. "Someone have to voice out the mind of the people". Sorry, the person must be a soothsayer to correctly read the people's mind.

However, even the soothsayer needs something to sooth him before embarking on such a task. Hence, we are to be our own voice. But how do we find the 'we' in 'us?' becomes the precaious question. Yet, the singularity of individual wellbeing rest on the winning plurality of all.

Hence finding "us" could be this simple;

1) Your mind you already know so, speak it and be heard. If you can't, be ready to lend your support when someone speak something relatively similar to those thoughts of yours.
2) Do not be too quick to pass judgement on others. There's so much wrong in man's doing that it has become difficult to tell what is right.
3) No benching because this is no game. It is the reality. If you think to sit down and someone else does same, no one will be standing. And you see clearly and better when standing.
4) Face up. This simply means refusal to be beaten.

Okay, let's let it rest here for today but don't forget silence could mean everything except the true meaning for it.


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  1. Thanks Ono pink, this article is really helpful to me...i have to speak out at all cost when ever necessity calls.