Wednesday, April 05, 2017

In-between the Grass to Grace Race

A man’s prayer is always the lifting from ‘grass to grace’ never the other way round. This naturally, has made and is making too many Christian retarded in their thinking and lazy to work. The grass has got its benefits too. Don’t forget, it is food for animals. And I’ve been taught the animals (ruminant) that feed on grass have a very special way of eating; the habit of not completely chewing the food but rather partially break it down and swallow and after a while, they settle down to chew (chewing the cud) before letting it back into the stomach for digestion.

What’s my point? The grass experience is not a totally waste of time or period in the transit of life because, it is apparently necessary to sustain the grace and during the grass experience one learns:

Humility: Have you heard about humble beginnings? Yeah, you should have. It speaks alot about what an individual went through before climbing to the peak of success. And if that is not sustained, a different saying of "pride goeth before a fall" will be heard. Remember, Nebuchadnezzar was made to eat grass in Daniel 4 to humble him. Humility is a virtue best learned in one lowest point in life. God resist the proud and give grace to the humble James 4:6. You won’t want that when grace begins to speak for you?

Ability to Ponder: Again, let me remind you of how the ruminant animal had to take time and settle down to chew their food again because it takes extra effort to get all of the nutrients from the food (grass) and for it to digest properly. During the grass phase, individual learn not to make decisions in haste but take time to think so that they can have a grasp of the needful.

To be Appreciative and Conserve: During the grass season, little things easily can make a difference and very much appreciated.  Nothing goes to waste. The soup that's almost getting soured will be managed by putting potash to revive the taste. Blessed be God that makes all things beautiful in His time. 

Let’s leave it here for today. However, if you’ve ever passed through the grass to grace, don’t forget all you  learned and those that have been blessed and graceful favoured should not take it granted. It could only and will always be God. 


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