Monday, April 24, 2017

Live, Strive and Thrive.

The ticking of the clock indicates the world still goes round in the usual gradual process. How? A tick makes a second, more gives minutes that makes up the hours, days, weeks, months and years. It all begins with a tick. So are the seeds in one’s hands that need to be sown and let to germinate and grow into a tree/plant to bear fruits which can then be harvested. First thing first, sow the seed; it is never about the small size.

Sometimes, we wait for the time to tick on or get distracted and missed when to sow the seeds. Other times, we sow the seed without waiting for the time to come, “I can’t wait syndrome”. It is not about being slow or fast but about walking and working right.

Now the words of Olivier Kizika:Even a broken watch will give you an accurate reading of time twice a day. Everybody has something to give; there is no such a thing as a useless person. Even our worst mistakes can provide us with great wisdom, experience and humility. A seed grows best in dirt mixed with rotten manure. Your life looks ugly? You have made so many mistakes? The good thing about failure is that it teaches what no human can teach: humility. 

Revelation determines relations. What you know of a person determines how you relate with them. The person who rejects you shows that they truly don't know you or your potential. Everybody has a place they fit. Everyone has something to give. Find your place, find where you fit, go there and be relevant. 

Don't be stuck like a bird in the fish kingdom where it can't fly or swim. Come out of the water, and fly in the air, be the bird you were made to be. Go where you can be useful and where your gift and potential can grow. To some of you it may mean leaving your city, go to another country, and change jobs. You have something to give”, to make you and others to grow, “go where it is needed”.

Live and thrive!

In the midst of it, let these words of Precious Emelogu Keep you on tract: When I see top brands like Google, Facebook, Coke, Mercedes, etc doing advertisements and aggressive marketing, I sit myself down and tell myself "Presh, you can never tell yourself I have arrived". There's no destination, your destination is to keep improving and keep getting relevant.

Have the most fulfilling day and week. Cheers!

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