Thursday, April 20, 2017

Snap Out of it - 1

This evening let’s look at some unconventional and relational definitions of foolishness from happenings around me. As much as I try to understand people from their point of views, sometimes I wonder the sensibility in some of the things they or I do, hence, this journey tonight.  Please pardon me for the choice of word, I just couldn’t find a better way to drive home my point. So, let’s define... 

Foolishness is when you have a promotional exam to study for/write and you’re busy having sleepless nights over your ex getting married to someone else.

Foolishness is when two married men/women are fighting over you thereby driving the single man/lady interested in you away and you’re busy separating the fight instead of running after the single man/lady.

Foolishness is when you’re doing everything to make your married ex regret not getting married to you when you should focus on doing what makes you happy.

Life journey could be dangerous, exciting and all shades of emotional suspense/state than the actual goals achieved.  Think on this, the idea and feeling you have when you’re to be kissed by someone you believe you’re in love with intensifies as you get closer especially if it is going to be the first time. Well, the feeling might or might not dwindle after the deed is done depending on how you truly get to feel after the end gain has been achieved. 

If it doesn’t meet up to your expectation, that will generate another emotional journey of doubt. Meaning, our emotion always gets to occupy one or more state as processed by us. There will always be something to worry or be excited over/about, doubt, afraid of etc. I don’t have to tell you, if one is to yield to all of that, the trauma will constantly make you feel you’re walking on nails/sharp objects or floating on air.

You need to stop bleeding and floating to find a safe place to land by creating an acceptable and peaceful state for your emotion to reside because that’s where foolishness can be birthed. It’s quiet easy, honestly. Life isn’t as serious as we make it, be brave to let what isn’t to be, go with a smile even if it is a sad one. And be courageous to embrace what is and make something good or better out of it.

You’ll always be safe. The good person you are today is being processed to be a better person tomorrow. Be BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS to embrace you. 

I love you but the Lord God loves us much more. Many blessings!


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