Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Toad on the Road Fuss.

It is a risk,
that needs a trick
or more
for a turn.
A leap forward
several steps backward
Too long a question
Then, the screech of tires
forces more leap forward.

It is the wrong place
to be traced
when stuck in the middle,
the needle pricks
How possible? 
Becomes a riddle, 
yet to be told
A deliberation
that feeds confusion
as there's no place to hide.

No way to know
What can be owned.
A wait
too long to contemplate.
The unfamiliar
keeps one pinned.
The fear
Prompts a fierce leap across.
Better be ahead and be safe
than behind.
Is the predictable
Yet unanswered question.

A nation and her people state of mind but then what do I know to tell?

However, be happy and safe!


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