Friday, April 14, 2017

Treats from Aged Couple Love Trove.

My old schoolmate shared photos of her aged grandparents that wowed me with these words Today, my people crush are my grandparents. They have grown old in grace, in health and in joy. I'm grateful to God for them. Look how happy they are. Meet Papa Oroshegbo 1 and Mama D Ma. My grandpa is actually the oldest man in the village, and my smile came from Mama.

Take note of the words “they have grown old together”. And photos cannot lie about how gracefully they did grow old. As I stare at the photos I thought about the little treats/things we do that could help make a relationship long and lasting as these photos reflect some.

         1) Hold or rest hands: Just so you get reminded, holding hands or resting hands on each shoulders doesn’t just mean holding on to each other but also, onto whatever it is that keeps you bonded or together. It indicates support, strength, a tie that wouldn’t be given up on anytime. A hold keeps you connected and stay in contact.

           2) Relax: Life can’t always be so serious, find the time to loosen up and enjoy the moments you have together.

      3) Laugh and joke: I don’t know what could prompt such heartfelt laugh in the first photo but you sure can feel the radiancy of it.  Ability to laugh with each other and even at each other reflects joy, understanding and peace in each other company.

4) Share: Share the good times and the sour ones. That helps to strengthen the bond.

      5) Sit: Sometimes, issues are made clearer when we sit to talk about them. Not when one is sitting the other is towering over or looking down on the other.

      6) Look: Look at or upto but definitely not down on each other. When you look especially at each other, the eyes do the speaking by reflecting what lies within the heart. 
      7) Grow together: It is easier to stay together when you grow togther. No one should be left behind in any area.
      8) Let Love: I don’t know what else can keep two people happily ever after if not love.

Well, I pray everyone that desires it starting with me, find such great, peaceful, love filled and lasting relationship too and have their grand children write such beautiful words about their grandparents years after now. 

Yes, let’s not forget it is good Friday! Click here to think of God’s love for us.


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