Sunday, May 07, 2017

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 13

Dear Agofure motors and others within Sapele town, Delta State: The deafening public announcement/music that blast through your address system early hours of the morning is creating unrest in the minds of people and injuries to the ears.

I may not be able to speak for all but those around me. This is actually a new development with your company. Maybe you've come to take or follow these steps because the heat of the economy is being felt by the company too.

I understand we live in a country where people do not have a clear knowledge of fundamental human rights and those that do understand are probably too busy to defend it/them.

This is not about you not keeping up with your advert but when it is becoming or adding to the noise pollution and at the detriment of others peace, then it'll be considered improper. For those that reside within Sapele or have a good knowledge of the place the video below depicts the sound you hear early hours of the morning many distance away from the park.
It is usually repeated within 5 -10mimutes. It is absolutely difficult to do any kind of study or sleep when this starts. Making money is great but don't make others suffer for it. It isn't when one is involve in rituals to make the money that's considered evil but when it is at the detriment of others peaceful existence and health too. It does have health implications that I won't dabble into with this post.

There are better ways to keep up with your public awareness campaign without breaking others. They are your past, present and future customers. Be kind to consider their needs. Do your normal television, TV and online advert and let your public address be for use within the park alone. This is my plead, let people have peaceful and not grumpy mornings.

God's blessings to you and all! Cheers!!

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