Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 14

We live in a society today where men's comfort is dependent on the acceptability that women are to help shoulder their responsibilities. It doesn't matter if the shoulders are wide enough or well muscled to handle this.  However, that won’t be a big deal if some man hadn’t added the role of his woman been a punching bag to show how manly he is. Afterall, the bags in the gym feel no pain.

So, he can't be sure of the impact his blows are making and the havoc been created. But she must have done or said something to provoke him that much? Probably bruised his ego and he needed a vent. A case of one is 'individualised' but a case for many more becomes 'generalised'. How generalised has become this issue of domestic violence is the present day predicament.

It’s sad he forgot that blowing the walls to create an opening or kicking the door/windows open would have been a better outlet in the exaction of energy needed but then,  he isn't man enough to bear the pains, that will cause. Yet, the woman is expected to absorb it all. It is a shame if she couldn’t build her home. Oh! I won’t forget the part of others having to mock her hence, the need to keep up a charade of the happily ever after.

There will definitely be no ‘ever after’ if happily can’t be achieved. Besides, the last time I checked humans aren’t status that can’t do nothing even when they are been demolished. Women must learn to take a walk, to step out of the darkness and to see the light of day. Trying to secure ‘ever after’ when ‘happily’ is yet to be obtained is ‘mission impossible’.

Oh lady! Just so you may think on this; you can only help him get the needed help when your safety is guaranteed. I believe that can’t happen when you’re under the same roof. It is better to be safe than to be defaced. Whatever your excuses are for staying in that darkness, remember, you’ll be too blind to see when the light eventually breaks forth. But then, no one can understand the situation better but you. If you stand up for it rather than against it, there’s absolutely nothing anyone can say or do.

Again, that man that gets pushed so hard he needs to punch should try the walls. Hopefully, that should teach him to 'pull' himself together next time when he needs an outlet for his anger. 


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