Monday, May 08, 2017

Cultivate! Activate and Re-activate!!

It is not about what you have but what you do with what you have. The cassava stem that produces one or small  tuber of cassava and the one that produces big and more than one tuber during harvest were planted in the same farm, received the same care and had access to same soil nutrient. Could it have been like the way some homes were when growing up, one gets to eat together with other siblings, you must learn to eat fast, be watchful and turn your mouth to cooling van when food is hot or you’d be left unsatisfied.

If that be the case, should we make excuses for the one(s) that didn’t produce well and if we do, what will it accomplish? And if we don’t, does it mean ‘we aren’t fair, so is life?’ of course! Haven’t you been told everyone has got something someone wants or in need of. Hence you must:

Cultivate: Nothing grows without it being planted/sow and nothing becomes good, better or best without being cared for. Remember the parable of the talents in Matthew 15:13-30? Growth comes when work is put into it. The abandoned apartment/building will gradually dilapidate if no one inhabits it, so will the iron gets rusted if noone shines it regularly.

Activate: Now, that you’ve cultivated, it is time to act. Sure you won’t give excuses like the man in the parable? I could actually help you with some: No funds/helpers, environment/economy too harsh/unfavourable, someone is already doing something like it, it just might fail and people will get to mock, we could go on endlessly. When you cultivate, it is ‘work’ just as the farmer had to sow his seed and stem and when you activate, it is ‘hard work’ just as the farmer needs to keep weeding the farm to let the plants have access to the soil nutrient. It is better to be at peace by trying or at best, to be miserable by wondering how much impact God could have used you to make in the world.

Re-activate: What if you fail the first time? You try again and again because it is not ‘failure' but the ‘making of success’. I don’t have to tell you that the making of a movie takes longer than the actual movie when put together. It could take days, weeks, months and even years making a 2 hours movie. From notification, the ones that take longer are always outstanding. Fall and stand again, it is for you to find the right footing and height where many did have to look upto you. 

Now to the real deal, the beginning and the end of the matter is in Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain that build it: unless the LORD keeps the city, the watchman wakes, but in vain.” Work with and you’ll know understand the process, usefulness of the process and the greatness of the product.

Have a beautiful day/week and lots of love. 


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