Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Struggle.

Let the light shine
Let it shine
The dark hours has prolonged
Now men grumble
None can see where they’re going
On each other toes, they step
Screams can be heard
As many bleed           
Yet, the injured can’t be treated
For the light hours is delayed.

Let the darkness give way,
Let it give way
The light hours is delayed
Now men are wandering
For confusion has set in
Will forward take them to their destination
Or backward is the way?
Yah says some
Nah says others
Yet, none can be seen
For the dark hours is prolonged.

Let the light shine
Let the darkness stay
Divided become the people
For the poison to one is meat to another
Let the light shine
Let it expose all that’s hidden in darkness
Let the darkness stay
To it will the people become accustomed
Thus, the struggle continues
The length of the dark hours prolonged

Let men dance
Let them dance
For the dark hours is passed
Becomes the song of people
Suddenly it dawned
How blinded men are
For shortly as the light shines
They crave for the darkness
No, not again! Screamed some
Yes, more scream
There, the endless struggle begins.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday, and a big thank you for hanging out here whenever you can/could. I do appreciate you greatly and pray for many of Lord's blessings upon you , me and everyone. Yeah, no "a piece for my heart's peace today".Cheers!

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  1. Uhmm! Choice and divided interest. Dis kinda describe our state now.