Saturday, May 20, 2017

What If ?

What if someone told us that everything we ever knew was a lie. What if we discover that the sky was never blue and the grasses were never green, that square is circle, that purple wasn't made for kings and gold was never even a word. I can only imagine the shock on our faces if we discovered that what we call white was black and black was white. What if?

What if man was never meant to have limits. What if man was never meant to fall from the sky when he limped from tall buildings and that man could fly without wings, that man never needed giant machines to explore the sky.

Now what if the mind of man had no limits, that just like Christ we could achieve whatever we believe. What if you could pass that exam just by reading your books and that you never needed those pills to understand that subject. What if there was another way out, a way that doesn't even need writing on your laps or hiding pieces of paper underneath your skirt.
What if no one had to die before their time and every one deserves a chance to have grey hair grow on their head. What if cancer, HIV and malaria wasn't meant to kill us. What if we are more powerful than we think, that we can lay hands on the sick and they would recover, what if we could raise the dead. What if we all acted like Christ, I bet three years old Amara would probably still be alive. What if
What if 'yahoo' was not the way out and travelling to Ghana doesn't solve all your problems. What if I told you that all good thing takes time and that the seed of greatness had been planted in all men by God, including you. What if I told you that you can survive without that relationship, that sleeping with him before marriage is not a way to prove that you love him.
What if you are stronger than you think. What if that storm was meant to only make you stronger. What if your life was worth more than the pills you take and the bottles of beer. What if that sexual abuse and that time you were raped at 16 didn't destroy your life. What if you know that your future still looks beautiful and that you can be the best you can even with that scar on your face.
What if you knew that two broken legs are not powerful enough to stop you from chasing your dreams and that blind eyes can't make you lack vision. What if I told you that deaf ears can still hear it when opportunity comes knocking on the door. What if letting go of your anger doesn't make you look weak and saying 'I love you ' to your wife and kids doesn't make you less of a man. What if no one ever had to go to war. What if we could teach hate to love, doubt to believe and cause fate to accept defeat. What if we all lived as one.
What if you knew that God still loves you, I bet you would live your life even more.

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