Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Who are the Men?

Words of Precious Emelogu; Gentlemen get in here.

A group of male (Note: I didn't say men) thinks that there's a very huge amount of strength gotten from talking down on women. They objectify them for their body, their dressing, for their thoughts and for their deeds. They feel women exist for Sexual gratification and nothing else and so, want to bed any woman they see.
They feel this domineering power when they shut women down, when they "conquer" women by sleeping with them, and when they brag about it. They feel invisible and Lordly.
It bleeds my heart when these males (not men) count the trophy of girls they've slept with, and the sense of pride when they reel out the names of "strong" and "big" ladies they've bedded. When they call them "cheap" and "dogs" after (and not before) sleeping with them.
Here's why I won't call you a man.
All animals have male and female. And therefore, calling you a male makes you pass for one or the animals. Animals don't have "men". And men are not animals.
Secondly, when people say "real men", I don't get it. There are no classifications of men. Men are the ones who are responsible and the others are just males, and like I said "male animals". They are just male animals who don't understand respect and responsibility. In fact, some male animals do, and therefore these ones exist in the lowest form of male animals.
Men don't feel that "sleeping" with women means "conquering them". They don't objectify women and they don't sleep with many women for fun.
Men respect women. Out of love and responsibility. Nothing less.
So cheer on male animal. You're bringing yourself down and low. Because men don't conquer women, they build then up.

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