Saturday, June 10, 2017

Why it is Logical to Seek for Psychological Evaluation.

The need to address psychological issues/emotional instability (depression, substance abuse, personality disorder, phobia etc) has become a focal point in determining individuals’ wellbeing because the world is evolving and people psychic is changing. There was a time in this country when psychological issues were the least of our worries because we believe we are very tough that even when we are made to suffer we still could hold our smile (suffering and smiling); our skin so thick, when scrapped against or on a rough edge, there will be no scratch. But “time changes yesterday” have become the present predicament of the people.

The race of life is presently ‘fast and furious’. For a slow down for a moment of fresh air, great will be the loss. So, it is with the struggle to keep up. There is so much to do with and for our appearance which could be based on our perception or that of others. As much as everyone tries to ride with the tide, higher and greater it becomes daily for there’s a better of every good thing someone owes and the best of every better. The constant in all of these is the continuous ‘change’. Determining how much of this change should become relevant in defining who one is is the concern of many. We must then work on the determination to fit in with others or ride on one’s unique pace.
 Hence, the reliability of one’s wellbeing is dependent on his/her workability but the probability of the availability of the skill is presently low for most if not everyone wants to fit in with the crowd and when lost becomes too difficult to find. However, they’d drop dead rather than accept they’re lost. Many are striving to put and keep up the appearance of how well they’re thriving outwardly while inwardly the mind is on a wandering and endless journey of what truly defines who they are. And sustainability of the emotional stability is driven to or close to the edge and a kick will be all it will take to fall over and be buried in the worries of life trouble.
Apart from the personal issues one has got to deal with, the ill events of the world that could easily be made known to everyone as a result of development is quite another matter to make one emotions fragile enough to be incapacitated in being reasonable for the value of life is brought low. How the different events both personal and worldly ones influence the individuals, need to be evaluated from time to time. One cannot always be too confident. One’s emotion can be unstable as a troubled water and we need stability to keep up with all that is happening in the world today, to be strong enough to handle issues and be who we are and not as others wish to see us. Finding one’s self in every situation should be the focus than that which will eventually fade away because as the world evolve so are the things we once considered to be valuable.
The way different organizations send their employees for training so should they be sent for psychological evaluations to help stay stable emotionally. Because we can only see what is shown outwardly. If we are to look inward we might be overwhelmed by what can be hidden behind the beautiful smile on people’s faces. If possible have a psychologist on your payroll or as a consultant. There’s more to one’s facial appearance.
As for everyone, from what is happening in and around us, having someone (psychologist/psychotherapist) to help you find a balance is the logical thing to do. If you need referral or more information just call 08060853558. Cheers!!!

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