Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 15

Over the years, I’ve observed from the movies, prints and non-prints media circulation that; the black men have something against the black women and the black women in turn have something against the black men. Hence, the better choice of having a white man or woman as a partner (wife or husband) or no one at all as some have vowed.

The first time I saw the above photo I got thinking and I’ve concluded, the something each hood has against the other can definitely be found in every other person walking on planet earth. However, it could be in lesser or more magnitude. The variation and manifestation is highly individualized and not colorized. Everyone has personality and temperament which defines who they are and what they can become. Hence, be a black or white man or a black or white woman, you’ve got a role to play in the building of your partner’s life.

If the black woman is “too much of this” then bring out the “that in her” and if the black man is “too much of that” bring out the "this in him”. We’ve all got our weak or strong spot. Having him or her getting it right all the time or being strong to take care of every issue will make you useless in his or her life. You need a role to play for you two to keep rolling together. If you want the man or woman already made, what role will you get then? Hence, some can afford to be single or have partner without the wedlock to keep them locked to anyone.

Everyman has got his weak moments and everywoman her emotional moments, be his strength at such times or her stability. Whatever you are don’t forget ‘together is a stronger force than alone’. Look for who can help you find a blend of the different shade of colours life chose to make you paint time after time. For once you take the skin off; we are all but flesh and bones. Hence, Adam the first man referred to his wife “the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh” not “the skin of my skin and colour of my colour” Genesis 2:23. A man’s make up is his ability to find strength when weak and be stable during unstable times and you just might be what he needs to keep it all together. Just play your role and keep rolling together.

Oops! It’s actually hard finding the words to express how I truly feel and there’s so much still left unwritten and maybe there’s a better way to have written this but basically, who we are is individualized and not colorized. Because not all black folks act in like or unlike manners and not all white folks act in like or unlike manners.  There’s commonness defines by colorization and uniqueness defines by individualization, all dependent on what you can bring out from and put in whom.

So ladies and gentlemen; black or white, you’ve got a job. Don't run from it!  Do it!! Cheers!!!

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