Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Pick 'You' up.

A beautiful coat, when worn easily covers up what lies beneath. Until the coat is taken off, one cannot tell if what is underneath is as beautiful as the coat. Some people need to take off their fur coat, let’s get to know them.

With that said, ladies and gentleman in the singlehood welcome on board! This post is about you. I’ve been in the hood long enough to understand the rudiments of being played or playing someone. Hopefully, this will help reduce the numbers in the hood. In some post, I might get personal but I don’t think it’s today. Also, this is for real/true beings not those that put up pretentious act but if you do, then, you sure need to pick 'you' up.

As usual, oh lady first; have you ever wondered about the man that left you for some other lady “what the heck did he find in her?” especially when you’ve got degrees, a better job and think you‘re more beautiful. It is simple, when a man loves, he loves “YOU” not your degrees, job or beauty. All of that are decorations, a fur coat that can easily attract him. But what can keep him is what comes out of your mouth when you don’t have to talk about educational or vocational issues, when adornments are taken off the body what he gets to see or hear. Now that’s who and what a man loves.

Remember our mother Eve? She was presented to Adam with no decorations; she was “woman” the bone and flesh of the man and Adam RECOGNIZED her and called her thus; WOMAN Genesis 2:23. The same vein, Esther when she was to be presented before the King, chose to go as herself ‘a simple country girl’ with no much adornments clouding her being Esther 2:15. And the King RECOGNIZED and chose the “woman” not adornments or decorations. For the decorations can attract but cannot keep him. When he’s had enough of the decorations, he will go find the real thing and sometimes, taking some of your decorations with him.

Yes gentlemen; you should know too, when a woman truly love, she loves you the “man”. So what you need is your ability to RECOGNIZED the ‘woman’ with or without the fur coat. Because, we live in a decorative world and no one not even you want to be left behind. I won’t be using our father, Adam as an example here but sure will ask you to remember before Queen Esther was presented before the King, other women went before her beautifully adorned and even after she was presented others still followed but the powerful King of Persia recognized the woman he needed is 'Esther'.

Therefore, decoration is nothing but a blindfold; hence, you must look beyond that and consider that one thing you need to give your life peace. When you find that, do not brandish your possessions because she can easily put on a beautiful coat to hold you down and when a woman’s intention is to hold you down, you can’t get lifted. 

And if you think you have no possessions, do not be weary to go to her. Just present her with the most precious possession you’ve got and that’s you. Because women are builders, and you’ll be surprised what you can build and achieve together. 



  1. Food for thought...Longest time. I've been busy with lots of things this days. I really missed this owesome blog full of knowlege. Great job Ono Pink. I like your passion and consistency, more grace to you.