Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hey! Don't Act out the Attraction.

Hey!  Have you ever been strongly attracted to someone that all you can think of is how it’ll feel to get tangled with the sheets on the bed? If yes, I’ve got this to tell you “don’t act out the attraction” and this is my ‘why’ you shouldn’t play out your imagination. 

Every act has got to be built from the start to the anti-climax and then the climax. The end of it tells the beauty of the act. And sex isn’t the beginning because it is just a combination of warring hormones and in a war; anything/one can become casualty. Your entire well-being; emotionally, physically and not to mention the spiritual will be up for a fix. Why will that be? War brings with it ruins. 

Thinking that getting involved in sexual act will put an end to the attraction? Good, you’re so right but it could also be the beginning of something worse. Ask King David about his experience with Bathsheba in these scriptures, 2 Samuel chapter 11 and chapter 12:1-23. Also, King David’s son, Ammon experience with his sister Tamar in 2 Samuel 13:1-33. Those scriptures should be able to tell you a better story of the twist and turn of sex.

What then can one do with the attraction? Build, even though your hormones are at war but your being is calm and at peace to rationalize that attraction necessarily do not mean rolling on the hay but something that can draw your attention to someone. The question is: what is that, that has captured your attention? And how long will it hold your attention? If the answers positively give you something tangible and real, then, ladies and gentlemen, you can start by developing it into what should be the foundation of every solid relationship “LOVE” and beautify it with “SEX” though after the “FOREVER” vow. Yes, what do you think? That I was going to leave that out, nah, I won’t because it is the “CEMENT” you need to keep you two together. Okay, that’s my thoughts for now, thanks for reading through. And I love you. Of course, you do know that by now. 


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