Saturday, September 23, 2017

How the Boss get to Pay Handsomely!

Hello dear friends, I’ll want to share a personal experience and the lessons I learned from it.

Today, I was wondering about how to get to church tomorrow because the few thousands I had on me, I had to send to my dear mother urgently. Basically, I’m not having money on me and I thought I’ll just have to manage until Monday comes calling because I do have food. Meaning, it’ll have to be house arrest.

However, being Saturday, house chores had to be done including dry cleaning but I’ve decided to take the outfit I’m wearing in the photo above out for dry cleaning  more than two weeks now  but I haven’t gotten round to it. Some hours later after the usual cleaning and the money worry on my mind, I sighted the dress in the bag and just decided to do the washing myself and if I can’t get the stain out then I will eventually take it out. As I was washing I found money in the pocket and yes! I’ve got transport money to go church because all I needed for transportation was just two hundred naira. And don’t ask me how much I found because I won’t tell…

Lessons learned:
The reward of the extra work: Alittle bit of extra effort might be all we need to get what we want. Actually, I was done with house chores for the day. I could have chosen to ignore the dress but the Lord had to make me realize, he was looking after me and I believe he’s doing same for/with you too. Also, do not forget, who does the work, gets the reward.

The perfection of time: The perfect time always brings with it valuable reward. What I got today is of great value to me not because of the amount but because it came when needed Matthew 6:25-34.

Be kind to share your experiences too of the Lord's faithfulness in the comment box, let's learn and build our faith and I do love you always, don't ever forget that but the Lord loves us much more. Now, that's comforting.


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  1. You're so on Point! I've had similar experience times without number. Of a truth, many times all we need is a little work, just a little and we'll catch the miracle we need at that instant.