Monday, September 25, 2017

Life Two Side Kicks.

There has to be a down pouring for there to be an uprising. Take a look at the plants, without the downpour of rain in months, they’re dead. So is the life of a man, who thinks he/she has got it all together without having God look down on or after him/her. Too many times we fail because our confidence has been built on what we know we are capable of getting done. And too many times we succeed when our confidence is built on “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13” Take note, your down pour and the sustainer of your growth comes from who or what you depend on.

Each plant has got its own season that’s favourable for sowing and harvesting. I wonder if given a choice, if the plants would have desired to be available in all season and if such availability will diminish its value? That is a question, I cannot answer but I believe it’ll be a ‘yes’ if you’re asked about the desire to keep rising and rising in life. However, life will knock you down but it is never about the numbers of time it does knocks you down but the one time, it knocks you out. 

The strength of a strong man cannot be properly determined if he is to pick a fight with a weak man but can be properly determined if he is to pick a fight with an equally strong man Mark 3:27. We have seen many of that in the boxing ring. Life is a ring; you and the circumstances it presents to you have got a match. And having it easy and rosy will never give you a true definition of what life is. Be sure to get knocked down sometimes (spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, educationally etc) and also be sure not to stay down. Because, it is only when you stay down, you get knocked out. For each time you get knocked down, it is to determine how strong or weak you are. And the stronger you get, the easier it becomes in rising. It is as the plant gets beaten by the rain, so that it can sprout and grow. 

And yes! Your strength is never about how well you look outwardly but what lies within you. Out of a small seed sowed, a hug tree will emerge. So, you'll get knocked out if you rely on your ability but letting God in will keep you up and stronger each time you get knocked down. Now, get up and grow, the world needs your shade. 

Much love from me to you, have fruits bearing day and week. God bless us all.


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