Sunday, September 03, 2017

Oh Soldier!

Fiercely arrogant
For he has seen
what lies in the dark
As a splash of red
Becomes his light.

Like the raging storm
and the steady rock
It's his stand
In and out of battle
Never to be rattled.

For the sake of one
many are killed.
Yet, lack no will
To battle with the wind
But move with it.

Oh soldier
Awake while others sleep
Alert even on his dead bed
For there's no weakness
but strength
Until the last breath.

Dedicated to all brave, dignified and fallen soldiers. Thank you for your work.

Oh yes! My dear readers, please pardon me. The blog might have little or no activity for now but I am still here,  working to make things better. Love you and may the Lord Jesus continue to keep us safe. Cheers!

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