Sunday, October 01, 2017

A Country!

It is a mixed up
A wrong blend of colours
Giving a disjointed picture
The unacceptable it should be
Except the acceptable beauty seen

A run for it
A run from it
Generates heat of a brewing war
Where the strong becomes forceful
And the weak pitiful

What do one run from?
Where do one run to?
Those that have answers,
Do not speak
Those speaking lack clarity

The shallowness of thoughts
To ruin souls
As deep understanding is scorned
The mind is weary
And the heart is silent

There is a movement
The sound is heard
Not in unison of beat
But the same pattern
To show there’s a country.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria! We are breathing if not in unison but the same pattern of breathing in and out. Yes! We are still here for Nigeria. Let’s celebrate her because the beauty of one nation shall keep us hopefully together as we continue to pray for the advancement of this great nation.


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