Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 16.

I am amazed at my conclusion that; Africans are better Christians than the foreign folks that brought the gospel to us. And it is time to question what you hear to have a clear understanding, question what you see to have a clear vision, question what you say to have a clear thought process, question everything to be sure you've got the right information.

The word of God is met to be taken to the world so that many soul can be reached when we preach the message. But when the reverse is the case, forward becomes enclosed unless, one is short sighted. I wander which is the present situation with the foreign Christians? I asked because only in foreign countries will a preacher gets pregnant out of wedlock and justifies it,  will same sex get married in some churches,.... the recent one is the video of a great American preacher, whose daughter got into a kissing fit after her fiance proposed and someone even screamed "get a room?" 

Another great preacher who shared the video actually said "sweet". How can an unwed Christian couple kissing and being asked to get a room be termed sweet? Am I to assume kissing isn't part of the "keeping the bed undefiled until marriage? And what's supposed to happen when they get a room in such fit? No, I won't assume that. The children of great preachers in Nigeria won't do such neither will they encourage it. What they do in secret is none of my business but the show they put up in public is, because it is a message to lots of other people.

Hence, I am not surprised that African preachers are taking the gospel back to the foreigners because the black and white picture of the scripture is presently being coloured to fit into the present day worldly ways. 

Yes, I've heard that Christianity is personal and God is the judge. Yet, Apostle Paul chose not to eat food sacrificed to idols so that, he will not become a stumblingblock to those  with weak faith 1 Corinthians 8 especially verse 9.  Also, if Christianity is so personal, you won't be needing a preacher to tell you how to live your life base on what he/she understands from the scripture or there will be no need to fellowship together. Let it be to your tent oh Christians.

Basically, if another man falls because of your failings/shortcomings, be sure you're the one that have fallen. I didn't write it, Apostle Paul  did in 1 Corinthians 8. And it is time you become your own pastor (one who tells you what to do and lead by examples, a Shepherd tending to the needs of others) because there are too many preachers - a public proclaimer of  a message. They tell you what the message is but not available to tend or set the lead. 

They've told you how personal salvation is, so get your bible, open it and search for the black and white picture of God's word with no grey or coloured areas. You owe it to yourself to have access to the right information to live a reformed and transformed life. Don't forget the Lord Jesus will guide you through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, ask for His dwelling to gain access and understand the right information.


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