Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Blame Shift of Rape and Beg Game

There’s an ongoing feud between a lady and a popular blogger on social media on rape and beg antics of present day Nigerian young men. Many ladies, if not too many actually are victims of this game and the blame shifts back to them for being too trusting. How do you explain willingly spending time with a man behind closed door on the promise it is to a platonic time indoors?

A young lady was once forced to sit in between and hold unto one of such men expensive electronics with the promise to bring everything down with her if he comes near her. Of course, she had to spend the night with the gadgets to deep her dignity. Some of the ladies that have fallen prey to this act, actually lost their virginity in the process but who cares, “afterall, she agreed to be all alone with him in the first place, she should have known better than spend time with a man she doesn’t want to have any sexual intimacy with”. So they say.

Yes, she gets to suffer for it, for this, she will rather bear the pain than speak up. And most of the hurtful words come from women. Just to drive home the point, I’ve got to write; my dear lady, blame it on you, if you fall for this game of “I promise not to touch or make any sexual advances, I just want us to spend some quality time together” again. 

Literally speaking, every man wants sex; a pastor wants a pastoral sex, a gentleman wants a gentlemanly sex and the others know how to enforce their will on the lady. This is so, because they’ll agree to your terms of “no sex” believing once he gets you into the hood, he can get you in the mood and not to mention the old adage ‘when a woman says ‘no’ it actually means yes’.  Of course to achieve that, he’d promise not to touch you because he intends to rush it. Before you realize what just happened, it’s already too long a story to tell. Hence I am not surprised by the discrepancies in the young lady story.

She might have said the truth or told a lie but that doesn’t change the fact that this is happening and young ladies are too trusty. We know this, so I hope, we will stop acting like we do not. Hopefully, everyone will become wiser and safer by learning from what is happening right now.


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  1. Great food for thought for the ladies. Happy new year Ono Pink, i wishing you an amazing and prosperous 2018...