Friday, November 24, 2017

Why Shun Tradition?

Tradition is the rich heritage of people of different colour and tribe and the root of identification. Therefore, if you ever feel the need to shun tradition, do it to give people a chance to live, to have an identity, to make it richer and make one’s existence worthy like the end to killings of twins. Not shun tradition that’ll leave you with no root or identity.

Be reminded, no matter widely spread the branch(s) of a tree is, it sheds its leaves and do break. When that happens, another branch will grow in its place because the root is still rooted in the soil taking up nutrient for the sustenance of life. Once uprooted, the whole tree dies.

Modern life must have exposed you to many things, respect that, it’s your existence but value where you’re coming from, it’s your identity. Without it, you have no life.

That written, dear lady get yourself some real traditional wear, when your bride price is to be paid. It is but for a day, actually a few hour. That’s how much you can respect and value your root, especially when you get to dress the modern way(s) every other day and for every other occasion. 

Besides, I am yet to see a cape attached to a trouser in replacement of a wedding gown in this country, Nigeria. Be the bride that takes pride in showcasing her rich tradition, there's so much foreigners are yet to know. Even the Indians still take pride in decorating themselves with ornaments and flowers, not to mention they still wrapped themselves up for that special day.
Take a look at this photo above this gave recognition and drew great attention to the Eleme culture/tradition because one lady chose to make richer her tradition and celebrate her identity.

And dear gentleman, wear the traditional attire of  your bride's people (the way the men in her place are expected to appear), when you’re to pay your wife’s bride price. You’re to identify with her people, that’s as much as you can do, especially when she will from that moment identify with your people and their culture/tradition for the rest of her life. 

Basically, let’s be able to identify how far one needs to go with shunning traditions.


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  1. Tradition is a very essential part of our lives, infact, it defines who we are. Africa has decent traditions but civilization and western cultures seems to have blinded many of our youths to the beauty of these traditions.