Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Untold Story.

The unfold of the fold
Is the story untold?
The words of the people
Leaves a ripple.
For the hay on the way
Makes it not a place to stay.

You try to cry
But the eyes are dry
"Swallow your wallows
It is too shallow".
The words of the lords
Made by the people of the world.

Yesterday errors bring terror
As today tells the tale of the horror
For the rain of pain
It’s with no gain.
The disjointed joint
Brings focus to the point.

The inhumane acts of humans
Is the make of man.
The crave to enslave
To be stopped by the brave.
It is everyone or no one
Yet, it begins with someone.

Reach out and search
You’ll find something to preach.
Anything in the midst of everything
Has left the world with nothing.
For the unfold of the fold
Is the story untold.

While we fight to put an end to slavery in Libya, let’s remember also to fight our individual acts that or could enslave us.

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