Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Will not to Kill - Animals Lives Matter too.

I am not a Zoologist so,  probably there's little I can write about this, but when I saw the photo I was moved with compassion. Apparently, the animals were killed last night in my town, Sapele in Delta State by hunters.

Why these animals? Became my question, an entire family was literally wiped out. To mention; humans and those animals belong to the same family, "primates" is the word. Good thing, biology is a compulsory subject in the secondary schools. I didn't even know we could find such in my environs and this is not the first time and not the first of such creature. Please could someone help or get someone to do  something about their safety. I know they're of economic value and could be useful in the zoo...

Yes! I know we are seriously fighting for our rights in this nation right now, especially with the killings of humans too. But remember, these animals are vulnerable members of our society and we can be judged by the way we threat them. Infact, if it is easy to slaughter these animals or ignore the photo then it'll be more easy to be inhumane to one another.


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