Thursday, January 11, 2018

How a Man Hugs the Woman he Loves.

Dear Lady; The fore-head kiss shouldn't be all that makes him charming and makes you confident of his love, there's something else we should be giving a thought to and that's the way he hugs you.

If a man hugs you with one of his (preferably left) hand under your head and embraces you with his other (right) hand, it means you're in  haven. The logic is simple: The left hand under your head means he'd protect you from every unpleasantness and keep you safe, and with his right hand, keep you close and care for you. This 'hug' tells where you belong in a man's life and the bond you share.

Instinctually, mothers tend to protectively and tenderly hold their babies same way, which are usually moments of bonding.
 Oh yeah! I could also give you a scriptural back up in Songs of Solomon 2:6, 8:3.

If he truly loves you, there'll be moments of the bonding hug to communicate how much you mean to him. Be watchful and be safe!


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