Monday, January 01, 2018

The Revolution of New Year's resolution.

I've been a fairly decent, high principled and sane lady for many years, so in 2018, I'm going to wisely get some insane act together.

My friend keep saying "loosen up" well, I'm taking her up on it. So if you see me rocking my life, don't say "of all people, it is (Sis) Ono" because I'm not going to be of all people but that one person that'll insanely attach herself to the Lord of harvest, until He brings in the harvest. Yeah, got you. What were you thinking? Anyway, this means;

1) If I pray gently because I don't want to disturb my neighbour, sorry. As from now, my mouth will be wide open with a loud voice. The harvest is too late to be sane.

2) If I sing praises to God conscious of the key and pitch because I don't want to irritate the person close to me. Sorry, I'm no more on pitch perfect, I will be singing my heart out with or without the right keys. I just need the key to unlock the harvest 'praise'.

3) If I reject to form relationship with unbelievers, well I won't just reject now. I'd ensure you receive the gift of salvation from the Lord. Maybe after that, we could revisit the relationship matter.

Okay, that's on a serious note and being more serious is me writing to say: don't quit before you could bring in the harvest. Don't quit when you succeed in bringing in the harvest. For greater becomes each harvest, when you walk/work with the Lord of the harvest, Jesus Christ.

 Praise God, it's here! Another chance to sow and reap. Happy New Year. Be prosperous and may your harvest be bountiful.

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