Thursday, February 08, 2018

When Tomorrow meets you Today...

The future isn’t far away as one might think. A fusion of one second to another is what gives you the future, for that which you’ve experienced makes your ‘past’, and that which you’re experiencing makes your ‘present’ and that which you’re yet to experience is your ‘future’. Do you wonder why yesterday has got ‘day’ attached to it and today has also got ‘day’ attached to it too, but that’s not the case with tomorrow? It is a day that’s yet to come, your future. Hence, if tomorrow meets you today, it means you’re still living in yesterday, your past.

When tomorrow is here, yesterday becomes irrelevant and today draws your attention to focus on what tomorrow brings.                                                       Yesterday; a guide into today.                                                                             Today; a plan for tomorrow.                                             Tomorrow; the product of today, which becomes the future to walk into.

This can only be possible when you use your ‘guide’ to plan and execute accordingly. You get to learn from your mistakes and know where today has brought you while looking forward to where tomorrow is taking you. That way, you go through the three sides of the triangle (yesterday, today and tomorrow) still at the peak of things, making your life and that of others meaningful.                                                                                       

Have fruits bearing day. Cheers!

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