Friday, March 23, 2018

My Colleagues Need a Mind Refiner...hehehe.

My colleagues need the word of God to refine their minds. To truly separate impure thoughts from pure ones. It beats me how they easily get one’s word twisted and give an innocent statement a not so innocent meaning. For years this use to make me uptight and less friendly. Not anymore, because it seems to get worse everyday. Besides, I’ve realised it’s just a harmless talk, usually for the fun of discomfiting the ones that thinks it will make them less born again, yeah, those in my club.

The recent one occurred when I went to visit my friend, exams and records H.O.D and met a rowdy group outside her office. Of course, I asked her what was going on and she told me a former colleague, Fred (not real name) came around and people were just chatting him up. At that moment General Studies H.O.D walked in and my friend decided to just be sure of what she told me and asked him about the commotion outside.
He confirmed her story and said “you suppose know Fred na”.
Exams and records H.O.D: “Yes, I know am. As he dey commot, me dey enter”.
General Studies H.O.D: “shuoooo! As he dey commot, you dey enter?” He asked with a smug. Oblivious to the undertone my friend replied “Yesss oo, after I come, e nor tey before he commot”.
General Studies H.O.D: “Ahhh that one nor good na. He for wait small. How he go commot as you dey enter?”
At that moment we burst into laughter because it dawned on us present that my friend's innocent statement has been given a not so innocent meaning.
Even those of us thinking General Studies H.O.D meant something else; sure need our minds refined too. In it all we’re all in this together. Have a great weekend.

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