Thursday, March 22, 2018

My Non-Time Keeping but Kind-Hearted Friend.

Today was an eventful day, not because of what I did but because of what transpired between me and who I did it with. My friend is a fashion designer, (if you like say na tailor, na you sabi lol!) and a makeup artist. Basically, she does everything that makes women look beautiful and glamorous. I hope I’ll get paid for this advert later. Actually, I already got paid How? Let’s start the story by rewinding back to yesterday.

I called my friend, Mena and it turned out she was just about dialling my number as well from her other phone, anyway, that’s not the first time it’s happening but yesterday was just too exceptionally exact, she made me understand. She wasn’t so happy at the end of the call because I got to cancel on our trip together to Lagos from Warri on Sunday, to shop for accessories she needs for an upcoming wedding in the UK. I did so because of my study. I’ve got to be in school on Monday. To make it up to her, I decided to spend today with her.

I woke up this morning with the intention of working till 11:00am before embarking on my trip to Mena’s house, but oh lady called to request I come earlier, she needed us to go to some places by 11:00am. I forgot that she could spend 3hours in front of the mirror or in the middle of some fashionable issue, so if you’re told 9am just add 3 to it, to get 12pm. I thought today was different. So, I rushed out and even beat the hour of 11 just to meet chaos (Fashion matters) in her home. And after helping to fix things by 2pm, she said “I will just powder my face ehn, I won’t do anything kpele”.
Honestly, I made another mistake by believing her because if that face in the photo above is one nothing has been applied to, then, I do need a correctional lens, maybe you too if you believe. Besides, if that’s how she looks when nothing has been applied, then we do need to be shaded when something is eventually applied. Well, we finally left the house at 3:25pm.
We successfully completed two errands with no hiccups. Then, the indecision to head to the neighbouring town, Osubi to make some deliveries or go to the cinema set in. As much as I loved the latter, I had to encourage her to go for the former because; she hasn’t much time before her travel. Also, procrastination can be dangerous. So we set out to Osubi in a tricycle (keke). Minutes later, the rain started to pour heavily and tricycle has got no side tarpaulin. Fortunately, it subsided before we could get drenched. On the return journey, it started again and I was really getting soaked because the wind was from my direction.
Mena looked at me and said “move to my side, let’s switch places so that you don’t get wet”. What? First of all, I was already wet and I couldn’t stop myself from asking “so, if we switch places, you won’t get wet?” she quickly replied “it doesn’t matter, it’s okay”.  Uhm! This conversation is what prompted the need to write this post. She was willing to shade me from the rain while she gets soaked. Yeah! It’s not like her taking a bullet for me (you might want to say) but hey! It got me emotional.
Let’s fast forward to the time we got stuck in hold-up at Effurun round about, which is the usual when there is a down pour. The man riding us decided to manoeuvre and got trapped between two blocks. That’s how my friend formed macho man and got out to push the tricycle, oh my goodness!!! Do I need to tell you she could not? Okay, she couldn’t and had to sit her bottom back in the tricycle. Fortunately, the rider was able to manoeuvre and got us safely to Shoprite.
The way to make up to a friend after making her go through a stressful day is to get her a gift and I got one and a good meal. But couldn’t afford to stay longer for a movie because I hate night trips and that’s how I found myself practically shoved out of the door to be on my way home.
Basically, I’ve got one of the world’s most caring, loving and kind-hearted friends!


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