Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sad Reality: Two-Year Old Raped Victim and Mother’s Experience in the Hospital.

I often wonder who gets to be blamed when things like this happens. Now a two year old girl gets raped by the paternal grandfather, that is traumatic enough for the heavily pregnant mother, who rushed the child to the hospital to determine the extent of the damaged. She wasn’t sure if the grandfather had the opportunity to penetrate the girl before he was caught with his fingers inside of her. However, the hospital staff saw the need to compound issues for the family.

So, my issue right now isn’t even the hideous grandfather act but the Sapele general hospital staff in Delta State attitude towards this woman and her child. Take note: “general/central hospitals” owned by the government are supposed to be rendering free service/treatment to children between 0-5years.
In the record office, the staff had the effrontery to demand money from this mother who is presently traumatised by what her little girl is going through before she will be given a card. Again, She doesn’t need to pay a kobo for anything because treatment is for free in the general hospital for children we have been told.
The woman told them she had no money to give and one of them said to her “if na doctor tell you say make you bring money, you go tell am say you nor get?” meaning; if she was asked by the doctor to give money will she say she does not have? At this point she broke down in tears and drew the attention of others. What was supposed to be a private/family issue became the hospital general talk of the day.
Who decided to narrate the story to others? Same general hospital staff, a woman for that matter, became the broadcaster of the ill act to other patients in and outside the record office. It hurts when things like this happens and hurts more when people expected to make it better decided to add fuel to an already burning fire.
Basically, some people are definitely not human or they have stopped being human. How a grandfather could subject his young grandchild to such evil baffles me and the way the hospital staff acted, shows how inhumane people are.
Don’t come here and blame the government, because everyone of us have a role to play in making this nation, Nigeria a better place. Hopefully, we will try to be human enoug to care for others.

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